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Explore the values that shape our culture, bring us together, and keep us
on the path toward achieving our goals.

Affimed’s New Visual Identity: A Reflection of the Power, Purpose, and Promise of Tomorrow

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Embracing diversity of thinking, background, and culture where everyone is acknowledged as a valuable contributor

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The Challenges and Successes of Building Company Culture

The five core values on which Affimed stands

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From Mindset to Practice: How to Build Innovation

To deliver life-changing medicines, we have the courage to be imaginative in our approach and we are convinced that change must be our constant.

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Performance is exemplified by a thoughtful and collaborative approach to our strategy with a focus on delivering exceptional results

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Read about the people who make it all possible at Affimed. Our colleagues
share what drives their efforts and how they’re uniting to stop cancer from
ever derailing patients’ lives.

The Conversation Around Work and Parenting Needs to Include PEOPLE

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The Extreme Sport of Medicine

How a dream-ending sports injury prompted our Chief Medical Officer to study medicine and take on cancer as his biggest opponent.

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Having Courage Will Always Lead You Down the Right Path

Arndt Schottelius, Chief Scientific Officer of Affimed, shares how courage is an essential ingredient in Affimed’s culture

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Innate Immunity is More Than Personal

Arndt Schottelius, Chief Scientific Officer of Affimed, shares how his personal experience fuels the company’s vision to improve therapeutics for cancer

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Learn more about our innovative, groundbreaking approach that leverages
the power of the innate immune system to fight cancer.

Cancer Treatment Big Picture: Putting the Pieces Together

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Our ICE® Molecules and the Cancers They Target

Activating the innate immune system to revolutionize the treatment landscape for patients with CD30-positive lymphomas and EGFR-expressing solid tumors

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Our Lead Innate Cell Engager (ICE®) Molecule

Uniquely activating the innate immune system with AFM13 to destroy CD30-positive hematologic tumors

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The Hope and Promise of Immuno-Oncology

The immune system is rapidly emerging as a lead area of scientific discovery and holds vast potential for novel cancer treatments

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Immuno-Oncology 101: Leveraging the Innate Immune System to Fight Cancer

Harnessing the power of the immune system has the potential to change the future of cancer treatment.

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Fit-for-Purpose Technology is Breaking Longstanding Barriers to Cancer Treatment

Like all illnesses and conditions – there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fighting cancer.

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CD=cluster of differentiation; EGFR=epidermal growth factor receptor.