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Actualizing the untapped potential of the innate immune system

At Affimed, we are committed to improving outcomes for patients with cancer. Our scientific team has been devoted to unlocking the power of the innate immune system for nearly two decades to provide a unqiue approach to fighting cancer. With our unparalleled expertise in innate immunity and innate cell -engager-based medicines, we aim to overcome the limitations and challenges faced by current immuno-oncology (I-O) therapies.

Corporate Presentation

New therapeutic options providing a long-term benefit or even a cure are needed for effective cancer treatment, while also reducing severe side effects. Affimed aims to address these challenges by redirecting immune cells with multi-specific antibodies to achieve optimized killing of malignant cells.

Leveraging our modular and versatile ROCK® (Redirected Optimized Cell Killing) platform, we generate proprietary, next-generation bispecific antibodies. Our tetravalent (four binding sites) bispecific (two targets) immune cell engagers have the ability to bring NK cells into proximity to cancer cells and trigger a signal cascade that leads to the destruction these cancer cells.

A number of clinical and preclinical programs are in development based on the ROCK® platform and our tetravalent bispecific immune cell engagers have already shown a favorable safety profile and promising signs of therapeutic efficacy.

We believe that our product candidates, alone or in combination with other agents (e.g. checkpoint modulators, adoptive NK cells or cytokines), may ultimately improve clinical outcomes in cancer patients and could eventually become a key element of modern targeted oncology care.

Affimed was founded in 2000 based on technology developed by the group led by Professor Melvyn Little at Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, the German Cancer Research Center, or DKFZ, in Heidelberg. In 2009, Affimed set up its wholly owned unit AbCheck in Pilsen, Czech Republic, which focuses on fully human antibody screening and optimization.

Affimed in short

We are a team of innate immunity experts unrelenting in our efforts to change the meaning of cancer.

We aim to create novel therapeutic options for patients suffering from cancer. With our differentiated approach to arming the body’s innate immune system, we are focused on delivering new treatments beyond the limitations of existing therapies.

Affimed’s fit-for-purpose ROCK® platform

Leveraging our proprietary fit-for-purpose ROCK® (Redirected Optimized Cell Killing) platform, we develop innate cell engagers that are capable of reactivating innate immune cells to kill cancer cells and have the potential to overcome the limitations of traditional therapies. A number of clinical and preclinical programs are ongoing to study innate cell engagers in both hematological and solid tumors.

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Our Pipeline

Diverse pipeline of innate cell engagers designed to activate innate immunity

Our differentiated preclinical and clinical pipeline comprises innate cell engagers designed to target both hematologic and solid tumors. Our CD16A-based innate cell engager AFM13is the first to have reached the clinic and demonstrates evidence ofa favorable safety profile and promising signs of therapeutic efficacy.

Innate Cell Engagers


Disease Target CD30Immune Cell Target CD16A
Hodgkin lymphoma + PD-1
Phase 1
Hodgkin lymphoma
Phase 2
CD30+ lymphoma + adoptive NK cells
CD30+ lymphoma
Phase 2


Disease Target EGFRwtImmune Cell Target CD16A
Solid tumors


Disease Target BCMAImmune Cell Target CD16A
Multiple Myeloma
Affimed programs
Partnered programs


Affimed fosters and continues to seek partnerships that are in line with the company’s overall corporate strategy to continue to move its clinical programs forward, enhance the development of Affimed’s internal pipeline and to allow for the technological advancement of our platform to realize the full potential of innate immune cells in oncology.

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