We are a team of passionate, experienced individuals who work every day to improve the lives of patients. Led by an expert team of biotechnology and pharmaceutical professionals, we are united by one goal—to stop cancer from ever derailing patients’ lives.

Inspired by the immense potential of the innate immune system, we are dedicated to unlocking profound possibilities—bringing new hope to those whose lives have been forever changed by the impact of cancer.

With broad expertise in innate immunity, we are well situated to advance our innovative approach for activating the innate immune system to fight cancer. Our novel and proprietary technology allows us to develop and commercialize groundbreaking treatments across multiple tumor types.

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Our Mission

We are a team of innate immunity experts who are unrelenting in our efforts to change the meaning of cancer

With our differentiated approach to arming the body’s innate immune system, we are focused on delivering new treatments beyond the limitations of existing therapies.

Our Vision

The goal we strive to achieve, every day

To stop cancer from ever derailing patients’ lives.

Our Approach

Redirecting innate cells to recognize and kill tumor cells

Our proprietary science and technology activate the innate immune system to provide new hope for people fighting cancer. Affimed’s ICE® (innate cell engager) molecules are built on the ROCK® (Redirected Optimized Cell Killing) platform—the most clinically advanced technology for designing innate immunity therapies tailored to specific patient populations.

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Our pipeline

Targeting hematological and solid tumors with differentiated and versatile ICE® (innate cell engager) molecules

We have a pipeline of ICE® (innate cell engager) molecules, being studied as monotherapy, in combination with NK cells, and in combination with other I-O therapies, to deliver unparalleled outcomes.

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Strategic partnerships that advance the treatment of cancer for all patients

Affimed fosters and continues to seek partnerships that align with the company’s overall corporate strategy. Working together, we aim to advance our clinical programs and enhance the development of our internal pipeline in an effort to realize the full potential of innate immune cells in oncology.

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Management Board

Our Management Board leverages a wealth of expertise to help bring Affimed to the forefront
in oncology

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track record in biotech, pharma, product development, and finance.


Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory Board helps guide Affimed through an evolving treatment landscape

Learn more about our Supervisory Board, comprised of seasoned experts from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Supervisory Board

I-O=immuno-oncology; NK=natural killer.