The ROCK® (Redirected Optimized Cell Killing) platform allows for a modular approach to generating customizable ICE® (innate cell engager) molecules. High-affinity ICE® molecules, which are created using the ROCK® platform, are capable of bivalent NK-cell binding via CD16A without inducing nonspecific NK-cell activation or cell fratricide. The bivalent interaction of our ICE® molecules with CD16A increases NK-cell activation and antitumor activity. ICE® molecules with a tetravalent, bispecific structure may stimulate increased tumor-cell killing in vitro relative to Fc-enhanced IgG antibodies.

*Based on clinical studies with acimtamig (AFM13).

Advantages of the Rock® platform

Versatile Platform

Tailoring tetravalent, bispecific ICE® molecules to specific indications.

Proven Record

Multiple potent and stable ICE® molecules.

Proprietary Target

Allows for specific CD16A-targeting.

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ADCC=antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity; CD=cluster of differentiation; Fc=fragment crystallizable; IgG=immunoglobulin G; NK=natural killer.

Reference: Ellwanger K, Reusch U, Fucek I, et al. Redirected optimized cell killing (ROCK®): A highly versatile multispecific fit-for-purpose antibody platform for engaging innate immunity. MAbs. 2019;11(5):899-918.