Affimed’s New Visual Identity: A Reflection of the Power, Purpose, and Promise of Tomorrow

by Mary Beth Sandin, VP Marketing & Communications

Affimed’s aim is to change the landscape of cancer treatment by pursuing and leveraging the untapped potential of the innate immune system. In fact, this landscape is a new frontier, and we are standing at its precipice. Our passion, investment, and commitment are paying off, relentlessly driven as we are by our goal to stop cancer from derailing patients’ lives. Our battle with the “Big C” is moving in the right direction—thanks to the hope and promise of immuno-oncology and the hard work of the people who make Affimed the company that it is. As explorers plant a flag in newly discovered lands rich with promise, Affimed plants its flag, and it will be readily apparent that the flag we’re flying looks a little different.

Affimed’s visual identity is changing to reflect the profound scientific innovations that are coming down the pike, to celebrate our rapid and successful growth, and to embrace the game-changing potential with which we face the future. Founded in 2000 based on an antibody engineering technology, Affimed has been transitioning from an engineering, research, and platform-based company to a serious force in clinical development. Our striking new visual identity now matches the impact we are making in cancer care, and most importantly, the strides we are making toward our goal of making a real difference in patients’ lives.

Our bold choices of color and imagery reflect that we are not one of many. When we say that “to be innately human means to be innately Affimed,” we are creating a bridge between patient and science while affirming a culture that supports the best of being human—one that is as united as it is diverse, as courageous as it is boundary-breaking, and as persistent as it is in delivering exceptional results.

Affimed’s bold color and look reflect the understanding that just as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fighting cancer, there should be bold ways to reflect the power of our industry’s potential.

Our new identity brings to life the very essence of our mission. Vibrant, full of life—these are the characteristics of a life no longer derailed by cancer. This is the promise of our cutting-edge research and development, our powerful partnerships, and our unrelenting commitment to unlocking the power of innate immunity. Harnessing light within and without, our imagery glows, bringing to mind the vibrancy of a cancer-free cell and the spark of innovation, curiosity, and drive that brought us here.

For each of us at Affimed, our work is personal, profound, and powerful. It’s about the patient. We plant this flag, our new visual identity, as an emblem to the power of the innate immune system and to those we are committed to treating, to those who are committed to partnering with us, and to those whose commitment and strength lie at the heart of our bold and life-changing work. Our visual identity is far more than “branding”—it is a recognition and celebration of what makes all of us innately human.