Affimed: Creating an entirely
new dimension in cancer treatment

We are driven by a steadfast goal to keep cancer from ever derailing patients’ lives.

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A one-of-a-kind approach
for revolutionary outcomes

We are revolutionizing cancer treatment by activating
the untapped power of the innate immune system
to eradicate tumors. Our novel and proprietary technology binds NK cells and other innate immune cells directly to tumor cells, allowing for tumor destruction.
This approach is versatile and scalable.

Our approach is differentiated and IP-protected, and has the promise to help patients who have already undergone earlier lines of therapy that proved to be unsuccessful.

Partnerships poised to change
the treatment landscape

We have entered select partnerships with esteemed pharmaceutical companies who share our passion for bringing change to the treatment of cancer.

The power to change patients’ lives

We trust that we can help those who have been
left behind
due to a lack of efficacy or unpredictable
toxicity with traditional therapies. Clinical results already
light the way for patients suffering from multiple types of
cancer. Studies have demonstrated good safety and efficacy data including unprecedented ORR in patients with relapsed/refractory HL.


Now is your chance to be part of the next revolution in cancer treatment. Join us.


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ICE® (innate cell engager)
molecules and combination products.


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HL=Hodgkin Lymphoma; IP=intellectual property; NK=natural killer; ORR=objective response rate.