ROCK® Platform

Affimed’s fit-for-purpose ROCK® platform allows innate cell engagers to be designed for specific patient populations

Our fit-for-purpose ROCK® platform with its versatile features enables generation of multi-specific antibodies with specific properties tailored to a given indication, including half-life, tissue distribution and optimal tumor and immune cell targeting.

Our innate cell engagers bind to innate cells (natural killer cells and macrophages) via the CD16A-binding domain, while binding simultaneously to specific tumor cells.

*Based on AFM13 clinical studies

Versatile Platform

Tailoring tetravalent, bispecific innate cell engagers to specific indications

Strong Engineering

Proven record in building potent and stable innate cell engagers

Proprietary Target

Highly specific CD16A-targeting

Innate Cell Engager Mode of Action

Understanding innate and adaptive immunity

The immune system consists of two components, the innate and adaptive immune system, which act together to recognize and kill abnormal cells. The innate immune system acts as the first line of defense by activating innate immune cells to kill abnormal cells, such as cancer cells. This process then activates the adaptive component of the immune system, which also functions to identify and kill cancer cells and serves as a second line of defense. However, cancer can occur if abnormal cells evade detection by the immune system and continue to grow.

Current I-O therapies

Therapies in the field of immuno-oncology, or I-O, aim to restore the protective nature of a patient’s immune system. Current I-O treatments have demonstrated it is possible to activate the immune system to trigger tumor killing. These therapies have made tremendous advances to truly help patients with cancer. However, new medicines are needed to further improve the patient outcomes including for patients who have failed previous treatment regimens.

Affimed’s innovative approach to activating the innate immune response

At Affimed, our approach is to restore the innate immune system’s own ability to recognize and destroy tumor cells. Through our proprietary ROCK® platform, we can generate multivalent, multispecific innate cell engagers that activate the body’s innate immune cells to overcome the tumors’ immune evasion mechanism. Our CD16A-based innate cell engagers are highly effective in activating innate cells (NK cells and macrophages) to kill tumor cells.

CD16A-targeting innate cell engagers establish a bridge between innate immune cells and tumor cells and activate tumor cell killing.

Innate cell engagers bridge innate immune and tumor cells and restore the innate cells’ ability to kill tumor cells

Innate immune cell reactivation through innate cell engagers enables tumor recognition and initiates an immune response. When the innate cell and tumor cell are brought together, the innate immune cell releases perforins to create pores in the tumor cell membrane through which granzymes enter the tumor cell, triggering apoptosis and resulting in tumor cell death.

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