Affimed Abstracts at the AACR Virtual Annual Meeting II

Poster Presentation 1:

Title: AFM24, a bispecific EGFR/CD16A Innate Cell Engager with the potential to overcome resistance to current targeted treatments for EGFR-positive malignancies
Abstract: 5659
Authors: Uwe Reusch, Michael Damrat, Susanne Wingert, Stefan H.J. Knackmuss, Thomas Mueller, Ivica Fucek, Ute Schniegler-Mattox, Kristina Ellwanger, Torsten Haneke, Andras Strassz, Wolfgang Fischer, Erich Rajkovic, Michael Tesar. Affimed GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany

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Poster Presentation 2:

Title: Preclinical pharmacology and safety of RO7297089, a novel anti-BCMA/CD16a bispecific antibody for the treatment of multiple myeloma
Abstract: 6987
Authors: Satoko Kakiuchi-Kiyota, Melissa Schutten, Adeyemi O. Adedeji, Hao Cai, Robert Hendricks, Luna Liu, Sivan Cohen, Aaron Fullerton, Nicholas Corr, Lanlan Yu, Denise de Almeida-Nagata, Shelly Zhong, Michael Dillon, Christoph Spiess, Steve Leong, Bing Zheng. Genentech Inc.; Susanne Wingert, Uwe Reusch, Stefan Knackmuss, Thorsten Ross. Affimed; Andy Polson, Ayse Meric Ovacik. Genentech Inc.

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