Affimed’s ROCK™ Platform

Redirected Optimized Cell Killing
ROCK™ Platform   Advantages of our ROCK™ platform:
Our unique ROCK™ platform enables the generation of first-in-class tetravalent, multi-specific immune cell engagers. This proprietary platform supports innate and adaptive drug development (NK and T cell engagers) and, based on its modularity, allows for antibody engineering of highly customizable immune cell engagers tailored to different indications and settings. A prerequisite for redirected optimized cell killing enabling the development of effective therapies is the ability to utilize different antibody formats and immune effector cell types. Affimed’s ROCK™ platform addresses this need.  
  • Suitable for the development of both NK and T cell engagers, thus employing both innate and adaptive immunity to fight cancer
  • Generates antibody candidates tailored to different indications and settings
  • Supports the potential for tetravalent and multi-specific formats
  • Allows for the generation of engagers with variable pharmacokinetic (PK) profiles
  • Enables the generation of immune cell engagers with favorable manufacturing properties
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