Technology Development

Affimed is continuing to push the
boundaries of cancer immunotherapies

Technology Development and Other Targets

Affimed continues to invest in the further development of its proprietary technologies and seeks to expand its intellectual property. For example, preclinical proof of concept has been demonstrated for Trispecific Abs recognizing two distinct tumor targets. Such molecules offer the opportunity to target tumors expressing structures which are also exposed on healthy cells as long as healthy cells do not co-express both cancer-associated antigens. Therefore, this technology has the potential to widen the therapeutic window compared to classic single targeting. One such Trispecific Abs is currently being developed for a hematologic malignancy. Affimed has also compiled a short list of attractive targets for   the development of future TandAbs or Trispecific Abs. Furthermore, Affimed is now well-positioned to increase the leverage of its cutting edge technologies in the context of research collaborations with pharmaceutical industry partners.

Likewise, AbCheck, Affimed’s wholly owned subsidiary devoted to the generation and optimization of antibodies using phage display, yeast display and exclusive bioinformatics software is continuously upgrading its technologies in order to provide state-of-the-art services for industrial partners, in addition to providing candidates for Affimed projects.


Construction of a TandAb

  Antibodies for construction of TandAbs are either derived from IgGs (e.g. coming from a yeast display screen) or from single chain Fv’s (e.g. coming from a phage display screen). Because Affimed has developed TandAbs for a large number of targets, the company has both the expertise and experience for designing and constructing these molecules.

Fully human antibodies are generated by Affimed’s strategic partner AbCheck, which uses a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art antibody generation technologies, including affinity maturation and in silico optimization tools.
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